Bounties for the Oceans: Manila

On December 1st and 2nd, Bounties Network, ConsenSys Social Impact, and came together for an event with one goal: to test how the Ethereum blockchain could be used to incentive grass-roots environmental impact.

We gathered hundreds of participants at Las Pinas-Paranaque Critical Habitat & EcoTourism Area in Manila and paid them the equivalent of 550 PHP in ETH for cleanups of non-biodegradable debris over the course of the weekend.

Our #BountiesForTheOceans pilot has ended, but you can still contribute to the bounty, which will continue paying people on the ground to keep our oceans clean.

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Our Project

With our oceans in crisis, the devastating ecological consequences of our actions are becoming abundantly clear, and global solutions are needed. We believe blockchain-based bounties have the potential to incentivize global participation in social impact projects and donation crowdsourcing. We also believe bounties can significantly reduce the administrative costs and number of intermediaries needed to organize impact projects in the first place.

With Bounties for the Oceans, we are bridging the gap between social entrepreneurs and non-profit/NGOs in order to foster widespread and long-term behavioral shifts. We believe this will directly benefit communities like Manila, which are increasingly affected by plastic waste.

Our hopes extend far beyond this one project. Imagine a decentralized social impact contribution network with the ability to extend across the globe. Not only would a network like this drastically reduce the friction involved in global impact projects, but it would give individuals and organizations the tools to incentivize and activate millions of hours of human capital to collaborate for positive social and environmental outcomes.