Getting Started



(n.) A reward offered by an individual or organization, to accomplish a specific task.

What is the Bounties Network?

The Bounties Network makes it easy to outsource any task, completed by top talent from anywhere in the world. Some examples of tasks organizations and individuals have had success with are: code, content creation, music, art, social impact, research and more. Rewards can be paid in any ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The most popular rewards on the platform are in ETH or DAI.

What do I need to get started with Bounties Network?

  • A computer, laptop or mobile phone
  • You will need a wallet that supports blockchain based applications and can store your tokens
  • Some of the ones we’ve tested and liked are:

This is not an exhaustive list, and Bounties Network works well with any wallet which supports rich web3 smart contract interactions. You can always test new wallets as projects keep developing in an effort to make browsing easier.

How does the bounty process work?

It all starts with the creation of a bounty.

To create a bounty and ensure clarity and transparency, the bounty issuer is guided through a series of questions about the task/project they are creating:

  • A clear, detailed description
  • Expected deliverables, including types of files
  • Full requirements including any specific requests
    eg. “native speaker level for a translation”
  • Amount of tokens for the reward and loading the bounty with enough to pay out at least once
  • The bounty category, which labels the task according to the content
    eg. “design”, “art” or “research” for easy filtering
  • Level of difficulty: choose beginner, intermediate or expert depending on the complexity of the deliverable needed

Having all key requirements laid out from the start will help manage expectations, and ensure you receive what you're looking for.

Once the bounty is created, it gets added to the pool of open bounties on the network. Task fulfillers can then browse open bounties based on their category of interest and specific skill set. The search bar enables fulfillers to filter bounties based on categories, that’s why applying tags to bounties is important.

Once they find a project they’d like to complete, they can apply to start working on the bounty (if it requires application), or can kick-off working on open bounties, provided they have a wallet installed as described above.

When the work is completed, task fulfillers submit the relevant deliverable files (or links to those deliverables) for review by the issuer. Multiple iterations may be needed to achieve the desired result so communication is key!

Once the task issuer is satisfied and accepts a given submission, the relevant tokens are immediately transferred to the individual who made the submission. Keep in mind that some bounties will be competitions and only one submission will be accepted while others will accept multiple submissions (such as research bounties). The on-chain acceptance triggers the transfer of all relevant intellectual property which was submitted as part of the deliverable.

When the transaction is finalized, both the issuer and the fulfiller can publicly rate and comment on each other and ensure the network is always defined by transparency and fairness.

How does the bounty fulfillment work?

To fulfill a bounty, you simply click the fulfill button! Pop-ups will guide you through the process.

I want to issue a bounty, what’s in it for me?

  • No fees: 100% of the money for the bounty goes to the fulfiller and there are no international transfer fees involved (a common issue with other freelancing platforms)
  • Top talent from across the globe: The Bounties Network connects you with talented people from all over the world. You can use bounties to scout full-time talent or freelance work for immediate needs across verticals.
  • Clear task specification: We provide a step-by-step bounty creation guide to help you define clear tasks and expectations.

I want to work on bounties, what’s in it for me?

  • Find work: Find bounties that match your skills quickly and easily, and get paid a rate you deserve for your work.
  • Build your business: The Bounties Network helps you grow and manage your freelancing business and at your own pace, in your own time. We are working hard to build out a steady flow of quality projects for our fulfillers.
  • Build a reputation: Because the data on the Bounties Network is unchangeable, you can build a stellar record of the work and positive recommendations without worrying about scams.

How can I stay in touch with updates and new bounties, or if I have any questions?